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Buda city limit residents are invited to a virtual Town hall and share their input on possible projects for the November 2021 bond election. Residents will have until Sunday, April 25, to give feedback.

A Buda Bond Advisory Committee (BBAC) was established by the city council to explore the option of calling a bond election to fund a variety of capital improvement projects. The committee will review potential bond projects and decide what to put on the ballot.

“The Buda Bond Advisory Committee was put together by the City Council to provide input on projects for a potential bond election this November,” said Micah Grau, Deputy City Manager for the City of Buda. “To support their effort, we are asking residents to provide input to give feedback and help prioritize projects for consideration.”

The town hall will inform the community on trends in Buda, showcase potential bond projects and hear the public’s opinion through a community survey. The virtual town hall can be accessed at www.budabonds.com

Projects being considered include: plans for the design and construction of capital projects such as facilities, transportation, parks, trails, drainage and more.

“With Buda’s rapid growth, we must proactively plan for mobility and other amenities to continue to build on our community’s success,” Grau said.

After the public comment period, the BBAC will review resident feedback from the survey and evaluate the potential projects and budgets. Then the committee will make recommendations to the city council near the end of the summer.

Full Article – https://haysfreepress.com/2021/04/20/buda-town-hall-open-for-bond-project-input/

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