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Recently, Hays County residents received mailed fliers from Chris Johnson, a candidate for County Court at Law Place 2 running against incumbent Judge David Glickler.

The flyer includes a photograph of Judge Glickler’s DWI arrest in 2015 but dates it for May 23, 2015, the “Night of the Memorial Day Floods.” However, according to arrest records, Judge Glickler was arrested on May 26, 2015, around 11:30 p.m. under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

The original story of the arrest can be read here, and Glickler’s statement and court date coverage can be found here.

During the Monday night League of Women Votes Debate, Johnson admitted that the mailers were wrong.

Corridor News reached out to Johnson and asked him how or why the mistake was made.

“The simple fact of the matter, I should have double or triple checked the mailer before it went out….it was just an error. It got corrected to the 26th on the mailers that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks,” said Johnson. “The date at the top was correct.”

Johnson said he wasn’t sure when the corrected mailers would be sent out to residents.

When asked why residents would receive a second one, Johnson said, “You’ve got to talk to different people at different times; some voters are going to vote early, and some are going to vote later on.”

He continued to say his campaign had already spoken with the early voters; the corrected mailers would be directed at the other groups of voters.   

Full Article – https://smcorridornews.com/is-hays-county-politics-getting-dirty/

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